What kinds of projects do you provide music for?

If you have a project that requires music, large or small, we can provide it:  feature film, short film, documentary, industrial video, commercial, company logo, video game, live event, etc.  Contact us about your needs and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the best way to realize the music to breathe life into your project.

What kind of music can I expect you to provide for my project?

Between the two of us, we have the skill to write in a wide range of musical styles. The style we choose for your project will be determined by a number of factors, including your input, the dramatic requirements of the project, and the budget.  While we always like to have live players involved in our music when possible, including at times a full orchestra, we are also comfortable working entirely within an electronic medium.

How does your 3-tiered system work?

Tier 1 means that we would score music specifically to your project that would be written to exactly match its nuanced dramatic shifts. This music would be exclusively yours and would be a form of a brand for your project.  If your budget doesn’t allow for such a high level of work, the option of Tier 2 would be that we would use music from our existing wide library and we would edit it to fit your project. This music would not be exclusive to your project, but would still be custom-fit by us to the dramatic landscape of your work.  The lowest budget alternative of Tier 3 would be for you to find music within our library to download and edit yourself to fit your project.  With this option, you would be paying only for the right to use the music and not for our skill in fitting to music to the dramatic shape of a piece.  Please contact us to further explore how these options might work for you.

What does it mean that you are dedicated to the core principle of individual human liberty?

Scott and Ryan share an essentially “libertarian” perspective on human relationships, meaning that we adhere to the Non-Aggression Principle which states that all aspects of human interaction should be voluntary and that initiating force against another is wrong.  We find media that celebrates the heroic individualist spirit and the free and peaceful interaction of people to be inspiring and important for shifting the social landscape toward a more productive and enlightened culture, and contributing our talents toward such media is a rewarding use of our time and energy.

Does my project have to be explicitly libertarian in nature to engage your services?

Certainly not. We are excited about writing and/or contributing music to a wide range of projects. There are many approaches to celebrate the principle of liberty, ranging across the political spectrum, so it isn’t necessarily important to us that you agree with our political paradigm. Further, your project doesn’t need to be specifically political for us to work with you; we think stories of all kinds are important to tell, and we’re eager to be a part of telling them.

What is the benefit to me of choosing you to provide music for my liberty-oriented project?

First and foremost, we have a depth of musical experience and talent between us that enables us to deftly match music to the dramatic requirements of any project.  Further, our understanding of libertarian thought enables us to work together with you to identify the key moments in your project that encapsulate the core aesthetic and/or philosophical themes and discover the music that best highlights those moments. Also, our commitment to the philosophy of liberty means that our investment in your project transcends the merely economic or aesthetic, and becomes a very personal determination to help make your project soar and be as impactful as possible.